Friday, 29 August 2008

Yummy Scrummy Dinner Party!

Starter - Chicken stuffed with basil and hazlenuts served with fresh pesto and mixed olives

Main - Treacle duck with date and parsnip purée, lemon curd carrots and the crispiest roast potatoes known to man!

Pudding - Pear and Belgian Chocolate Cake with squirty cream!

Do not fear dear readers you haven't accidentally ended up on Edward's weaning blog, that is just the menu for my fantabulous dinner party :o)

After alot of planning and contemplating a myrid of things many of which involved grapefruit I finally settled on the above. We made a special trip over to Waitrose near the library as I wanted to get decent ingrediants rather than manky Somefield stuff. The store was really nice, so much tidier and better presented that Scummers, but they didn't have any duck breasts which was most annoying.

We came back to Edgware, Luke started to take stuff off the buggy to take home, but I suggested he may aswell just take Edward back to the flat with the shopping, and I'd try popping up to the delicatesen, which was stupid of me I should have taken Edward home and let Luke go duck hunting. He made me promise not to go to the butchers at Marylebone though as it is too far and he was worried about me. I went to the delcatessen who also didn't have any duck breasts, it was a toss up as to whether it was less far to walk to Somefield or to the bus stop to get the bus to Selfridges. In the end I plummed for Selfridges and hopped on the bus. I had a nice mooch round the foodhall and very nearly bought a stupendous cake, but resisted and instead sampled and bought lots of olives and some fresh pesto aswell as the duck.

I came home and cooked it all up, Luke was annoyed with me as he was worried I was overdoing it :o( I was sorry that I'd worried him I hadn't meant to. Edward crawled all the way from the far side of the lounge to the kitchen to see what I was up to, which was very sweet, though he kept trying to fiddle with the bin so he had to go back.

Everything went quite well, though just as Raj arrived I was having a rather self-indulgent panic hehe! We sat about and chatted a bit and Luke showed Raj the clip of Spore while the starter finished cooking, then we all sat down to eat, it was most tasty and I was so pleased because the chicken did the spiral thing it was supposed to!

There was then a bit of a lull as I decided it was better to eat at a sedate pace and eat well, than try and be snazzy and serve stuff up one after the other and end up wrecking it all! Not too long later though we had the main course and it was most tasty. I think the quantities were way out on the parsnip and date puree though as I ended up with a huge bowl of it, when to be honest, you can't really eat more than a generous spoonful, no matter though it all got frozen for Edward.

We then had a longer rest between mains and pudding as we were all feeling a bit stuffed. We chatted and Luke sorted out 'Company of Heros' on Raj's computer, the long term plan is to have lots of people round LAN all the computers and the boys will all play together and I shall make nachos and other tasty foods...the perfect evening!

The pudding, brought by Raj, was SO nice, we all looked at it concerned it was going to be too dense and sweet and that we may die, however it actually turned out to be really light moist cake, which balanced well with the sticky chocolate, cream and pears inside.

Towards the end of the evening I had to have a bit of a puff on my bird as I was feeling really breathless, but overall I wasn't as bad as I had been the night before which was a relief. Raj evenutally headed off home it is always SUCH a pleasure to see him, and next time he said he may well bring his new girlie!! Most exciting :o)

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