Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Drinkies With Cousin Emily and Duncan

I'd actually lost track of when we were supposed to be having our drinkies with Emily as Luke had 'arranged' it, and I'd actually thought it was going to be the day after, however when Emily texted to check it was still on for today I agreed as Edward is due jabs tomorrow and I didn't fancy taking him to London after those as he's often crabby.

It got to quite late in the afternoon before we headed out. I was tired and scared of getting more tired when out, as I often do when I haven't left the house/hospital for a while, however I knew we'd enjoy it once we got there. I contemplated putting in my hair extensions, but didn't really have time in the end, so just shoved in my purple streak (which Andy noticed later without prompting, good Andy!)

The journey up was uneventful, though we kind of dreaded leaving the tube at Great Portland St. as it was peeing with rain. However the pub was really close so we just went for it and actually didn't get too wet. The pub was really nice, and we each got a drink as we thought it would be a while before Emily and Duncan arrived.

Actually they weren't long at all, and arrived before we'd even sat down. We were seated in the corner on the sofas. Edward had some milk and then lots of cuddles and bouncing with Emily who may be his new biggest and broodiest fan! He then decided daddy cuddles were better as it gave him a much better position for eyeing up the waitresses.

We chatted about lots of things, but mostly the complexities of the Greatham family politics and our planned move to London. We had thought that another one of the cousins from Ireland was going to join us, but he couldn't in the end, which meant we never ate more than nibbles, (discovering that shocking Luke likes hummus!) but overall it was a really fun evening out, and it was a shame when we had to head home.

The plan is for Emily to have Edward at the weekend so we can go flat hunting, they are planning to take him to the park, maybe in his buggy, maybe in his sling, which should be fun :o)

Note - sadly when I tried to arrange viewings they wouldn't do them at the weekend, but as we are hopefully going to be living in London soon I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for Edward to go and play with his favorite cousin!