Monday, 1 September 2008

Clinical Justification

Well after clinic today I'm feeling oddly happier and more justified in how poo I've been feeling, I always worry that I'm being a hypochondriac and that I'm not as bad as I think I am, but actually it turns out I'm kinda of worse than I'd suspected.

Lung function was a rather vile 0.95 otherwise known as 23% eek....and my FVC was 1.45 or 30%, last time they were 31% and 48% and I wasn't that great then either. My oxygen levels were 89% - 90% which is bad as they put you on oxygen at about 92% - 90% depending on how understanding the doctor at the time is... this is the main reason for wanting to admit me, coupled with the very poor air entry into my poor little naughty lungs.

My weight is also down which I'm utterly mystified by, and actually quite annoyed about as I've been making an effort to eat more and do my feed, ever since that post I made a while back about being under-weight, it is also a worry as it indicates there could be a problem with my blood sugars (ie. diabetes) and so I may have to start doing insulin again. It's not that bad I had it when pregnant but it smells and I don't overly enjoy stabbing myself, I also worry about giving myself the wrong dose and putting myself in a coma, unlikely I know but it's scary stuff when you aren't used to it.

Iike I said at the start it sounds odd but in a way I am glad that I am actually ill and not just going mad, it's so easy to loose track of how well/unwell you are when you are going over and over the things you can't do, and the trips you didn't make in your head and trying to wiegh up if you were just being lazy and unfit or if you are genuinely too unwell.

I'm not sure what they are going to do this admission, I really hope it goes better than the last few I've had. I really hope they get to the bottom of this asthma business swiftly and do somethng about it and don't just faff which is a real risk when tackling things that are slightly uncertain. I also want to make sure that I'm put on a long term sustainable treatment for it, because whack-loads of steroids is not a good option in my book, and if that means we have to go through every asthma drug on the market then so be it.

So all in all it was a rather dire clinic appointment and not too suprisingly they have decided to admit me, so I've come home to pack, play one last game of reversi with Prince Adme Bogmulia Belkarty Lord Of The Reversi Bog and then I'm off for the forseeable future....let's hope Luke and Edward survive my absence :o(

See you when I'm home piglets xox