Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pari-Neb Poster boy!

Not done too much today as we are off to the duck-race tomorrow. I mostly just laid about and slept a lot, I did a bit of knitting and took a lot of Movicol and Gastrograffin as my stomach is blocked, hopefully it will clear before tomorrow though as I doubt there are many loos along the race-course.

In the evening I played a few more games of reversi with Adme, we are both so badly addicted to it at the moment, only sadly he has now cottoned on how to play and so he keeps beating me.

Luke and Edward have both been too gorgeous for words....Edward especially seems to think he is going to be the next Pari-neb poster boy haha!

1 comment:

Gemma said...

oh I love his pants too!