Sunday, 24 August 2008

Poppy Puppy Sitting

Some band are playing somewhere in the world and so once again it befell me to go and dog sit for the rents. Sadly not long after I went up last time little Bertie had to be put to sleep as he was just not getting any better, however he has since been replaced by Poppy the puppy soon to be joined by Carmen from Battersea.

The run up wasn't too bad, apart from the bit where my i-pod played 'Season's End' the first Marillion song I ever sang to Edward when he was just a few days old causing me to burst into tears! Alex, my brother, and his chum Tom picked me up from the station and we went and collected the sewing machine I won on ebay for a stunning £5! As I suspected, given its age, it is hideously heavy and I began to plot how on earth to get it home.

We then went to the supermarket and got some nice easy microwave food and a few other snacks including some rather scrummy jammy dodger bars which my friend Jo raves about all the time.

When we got in Poppy was terribly over excited and got caught between saying enthusiastic bitey jumpy hellos and piddling so opted for both at the same time....nice! After we'd sorted her out we made nachos and cheese and pizza and all headed out into the garden where we proceeded to stuff our faces and play with the pooch.

Late afternoon as it started to cloud over we headed inside, and I went for a nap. Not long after Alex got a call from his work (who technically he'd just worked his last shift for) and so he went off to that leaving Poppy in with me. She thought it was a fantastic opportunity to eat the contents of the guitar room, rather boringly on my part, I didn't agree and so took her back downstairs to the lounge where I proceeded to vegetate.

Alex eventually got home and we watched lots of youtube stuff together including a truly hilarious re-working of the Nickleback track 'Rockstar' it is too all intent and purposes the sequel titled 'Popstar'

I then headed to bed as my nap had been rather short-lived and puppy filled!

Saturday we both woke up around 7.30, I sorted the puppy while Alex got ready to go to Reading Festival with his girlie, it was nice though as we got the chance to eat breakfast together before he headed off.

The rest of the day was rather boring on the whole, I was really tired and the house was so messy and dirty it made my asthma really bad so I didn't feel well enough to move far without ending up gasping. So I read FHM and watched lots of really bad TV most of which I'm too ashamed to even name, however come the afternoon the x-factor marathon began and so I watched that and bitched about all the crazy loons with my sister on msn as she watched it, though she kept going off to the loo and to get food and stuff and so kept getting out of sync!

I also chatted with my chum Nick who I haven't spoken to for ages which was really awesome as though we often say 'hi' on msn we hardly ever have a proper conversation as we've both got a bit lazy, and I'm always distracted, I also have less to say these days as my life is happy and I'm content, sad that, you'd think I'd have more to say than when I was miserable.

Eventually I headed up to bed and took Poppy with me as she's not used to sleeping on her own yet. She had a really mad few minutes when she first got upstairs literally bouncing off the walls, but once the light was off she soon settled down. Overall though I didn't sleep well that night as I was so paranoid about her peeing on the new carpet also she kept waking and moving about and trying to cuddle my head.

At around 5am she finally woke up properly and started pawing me and the door so I took her out for a wee, and gave her some food and water. I then left her in the kitchen hoping it wouldn't be too weird for her as I figured it would just be like being left there when everyone goes off to work, as I REALLY needed more sleep as I was feeling so ill and it was so early. At about nine I woke to her whining so went down and let her out. She had attacked a plant and spread that all over the floor and more worryingly turned the oven on.... I was just SO glad it wasn't the hob as my parents have a huge gas range cooker, which like every other surface in their house also serves as a dumping ground for crap, if she'd hit the hob rather than the oven god knows what would have happened!

I cleaned up the murdered plant and we went back in the lounge and again vegetated till Alex got home with Emma and he then took me to the station, he helped me onto the train with the sewing machine so I didn't have to carry it far.

I chatted with a nice lady on the train who even offered me a lift home, however I didn't want to hold her up as I knew I was going to be slow and that I'd need a trolley for the machine. So when we arrived we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. When I got in I went straight on my bird and then had a sleep with some Oxygen for a few hours till I got woken to the delightful sound of Edward screaming his head off!!

It turned out he'd decided to remove his nappy and smear himself in poo while Luke wasn't looking, and then had the cheek to take objection to being hosed down.

While I was gone the boys had an ok time, apparently Edward wasn't too whingey which he often is when I'm gone Luke also used the re-usable nappies, I hoped this was a sign he was finally converting, but sadly no, he just could not be arsed to go to the shop for Pampers. Edward is pretty much mobile now as he's worked out how to pull himself along on his belly aided a little by his legs, and he kept crawling round and trying to poke his fingers into Luke's computer....oh dear we knew this day would come.

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